Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sell not sell T mobile BlackBerry tangle of emotions

Sell not sell? T-mobile BlackBerry tangle of emotions

BlackBerry's latest flagship Priv is finally starting this month by United States carriers t-mobile sold, review what they sell does not sell Priv this machine center events, really make people laugh or cry. Marcelo Burlon iPhone 5 Case

P.S. operator t-mobile in 2014, said in April after the expiration of the cooperation agreement with the BlackBerry will no longer cooperate and launch an old Apple-BlackBerry activities, T-Mobile angered the blackberries, then BlackBerry CEO John s. Chen responded: stop the cooperation with t-mobile includes mobile phones and services.

Sell not sell? T-mobile BlackBerry tangle of emotions

(Image from BerryLink)

Under such a premise, t-mobile and BlackBerry a bit unpleasant facts, so after the BlackBerry release Priv, users asked if t-mobile will be offering, customer service replied: good question! We do not sell, even if the Priv can use our network.

Sell not sell? T-mobile BlackBerry tangle of emotions

But now is the time to find chat history will find that t-mobile's customer service has deleted this reply ... ... Was deleted, not only are we China do delete this kind of thing, foreign, too.

Sell not sell? T-mobile BlackBerry tangle of emotions

Just a few days later, t-mobile's COO Mike Sievert, said: BlackBerry Priv support t-mobile's Wifi and LTE Band 12-band phone, Pro. Wait, you did not just say otherwise? Advertise now for BlackBerry, this is what??

Sell not sell? T-mobile BlackBerry tangle of emotions

Then there is dramatic change, t-mobile's CEO John Legere in later times a CNET interview, asked about BlackBerry's views, he replied: the BlackBerry is on a comeback (the BlackBerry will make a comeback). Not long ago you're not tearing do forced? How to instantly change?

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Sell not sell? T-mobile BlackBerry tangle of emotions

Since the boss yelled, then we have good relationships are not. So we see BlackBerry CEO John Chen (John s. Chen) made a t-mobile CEO John Legere holding photos of their new Priv, two men named John ♂ base ♂ road begins. Marcelo Burlon Cases

Sell not sell? T-mobile BlackBerry tangle of emotions

And is very logical in t-mobile's new machine on sale see Priv table shadow through heaps of trouble after the process and procedures, starting from this month, consumers will be able to purchase BlackBerry from t-mobile the Priv (two old zixiuen love, small or not doing? )。 T-mobile's CEO John Legere and domestic mobile phone bigwigs like playing forward sweepstakes Priv activities.

Sell not sell? T-mobile BlackBerry tangle of emotions

In any case, this commercial a farce we have finished, the result is what you see, t-mobile and BlackBerry were friends, don't break up later, is still in charge. Ultimately face this kind of thing, can you eat? If it cannot, then feel free to play.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Liu Yan into the vocational jiuxian network will serve as Chief liquor Division

Liu Yan into the vocational jiuxian network, will serve as Chief liquor Division

On June 6, jiuxian network officially announced that Liu Yan to join the goddess jiuxian in the entertainment network, as the heavy drinker, Chief Sommelier. Media artists Liu Yan publish Twitter Tan jiuxian network card. According to the jiuxian network officials said, Chief Sommelier of the Liu Yan joined the jiuxian network, is based on the heavy drinker category-wide net strategy, wine, global strategy and customer experience enhancement programme introduced an important talent. The official said, through the network of Liu Yan joined the jiuxian, their star power will further deepen the jiuxian network strategy. Internet company and the entertainment star patterns in recent years has become a hot after surprise Jay as the only principal officer, Gao Xiaosong, he jiong entry Ali music group, Li entry 360 served as Vice President and Chief content officer. Best VR box VR Box headset

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Hai Tao lowest Sculpt Mobile Microsoft Keyboard 18 99

# Hai Tao Sculpt Mobile # Microsoft Keyboard ## lowest price 99.

Microsoft hardware, is his most popular according to ergonomic keyboard and mouse. It belongs to Sculpt a series of Portable Bluetooth wireless keyboard is mechanical. Its special design, using Bluetooth and two batteries. solar motion light

solar light

Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Keyboard now for the lowest price of $ 18.99, about 120 or so, plus transfer fee of about 187. Compared to the domestic hog price licensed 599 yuan, prices significantly. solar light

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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Apple also has blue tag Carl Zeiss releases iPhone hack lenses

Apple also has blue tag! Carl Zeiss releases iPhone hack lenses

The famous Carl Zeiss is the world's leading manufacturer of high end lenses and optical instruments, Carl Zeiss certified lens is synonymous with quality.

Apple also has blue tag! Carl Zeiss releases iPhone hack lenses

Recently United Fellowes Carl Zeiss company to jointly develop a Smartphone camera, released the first product is tailored for iPhone plug-in lens series, containing three telephoto, wide-angle and macro.

Apple also has blue tag! Carl Zeiss releases iPhone hack lenses

The camera is small in size, but it is, after all, produced by Carl Zeiss, works in no uncertain terms, all three using black anodized metal casing, aspherical lens, t-coating and assemble the high-end configuration, through an aluminum buckle fixed on the iPhone, and three are equipped with dust-proof, splash-proof capability.

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Apple also has blue tag! Carl Zeiss releases iPhone hack lenses Apple also has blue tag! Carl Zeiss releases iPhone hack lenses Apple also has blue tag! Carl Zeiss releases iPhone hack lenses

Carl Zeiss have not yet announced their price, but determining the series iPhone camera will be listed in June this year, compatible with all models of iPhone after 6. As to the name, telephoto and wide angle lens named "Mutar", macro lenses are named "Vario-Proxar".

Carl Zeiss has also released some samples for your reference, interested users can preview. Following Carl Zeiss official sample.

Apple also has blue tag! Carl Zeiss releases iPhone hack lenses Apple also has blue tag! Carl Zeiss releases iPhone hack lenses Apple also has blue tag! Carl Zeiss releases iPhone hack lenses Apple also has blue tag! Carl Zeiss releases iPhone hack lenses Disney case iPhone 5 Disney case

Thursday, July 28, 2016

F1 Championship why not use pure electric cars

Lei feng's network (search for "Lei feng's network", public interest): the author knows the @shadow Ma, veteran F1 fans, sports fans.

F1 Championship why not use pure electric cars?

F1 does not use pure electric for many reasons (sounds, even the sense of pure driving, speed), but the most important reason, and civil electric cars cannot actually universal, is battery life problem.

We were recently very popular Tesla is confused and I do not deny that s is a sports car Model, I personally think it's significance in the field of electric vehicles is very large, possibly meaning close to the iPhone in the mobile space. But in fact, Model s does not change the nature of the electric car-the battery life is short.

Battery life is short

Maybe you need to refute, not a short, 500 km! Yes, it's not short, close to ordinary gasoline car. But one thing should not be overlooked that Model s is a 2-ton large car batteries for 600kg, make a reference to it the weight more than the Mercedes-Benz s-class and Audi A8 (some models) of weight. But the Tesla interior is the poor (that is, not much weight).

We come to do a calculation, 2014 F1 to run a race of about 300 km, fuel restriction 100kg (that is, 125L). If we consider the drive Model s energy and Mercedes-Benz s-class, or at least to 10L fuel per hundred kilometers. Model s-500km life 50L fuel: 600kg equivalent 50L the battery pack, then supporting an F1 needs some 600* (125/50) =1500kg battery packs. Was not considered because of battery weight and additional drivers.

So what reality is it? F1 F1 weight required in 2014 (gas + rider) lower limit is 700kg, is a lower limit, was afraid of some riders the devil to lose weight, or rich through the burn using expensive lightweight material picking on a team (the huge gap between F1 teams, without the protection money, F1 will become more and more money in the end no one basically play). So most of the fleet is able to easily achieve this lower bound.

In other words, in order to maintain the current F1 watch cases, two times the battery weight is closer to the present racing! Not to mention at this weight, how to ensure flexibility and performance, even the battery safety is also an issue.

Another is to look at, the FIA Formula e Championship is being organized, maximum 320kg battery results every race because of insufficient power in the middle of another car. Weight has reached the amazing 888kg, basically formula car Queen! (See Formula E-Official FIA Formula e Championship).

Output power Vera Bradley case

Another very important reason is that the electric power output is very small, which means that their speed is not enough. This is EV torque/power output characteristics: starting torque (power), but because there is no transmission, torque is declining, and low battery limit the output power. While the engine is in its infancy cannot achieve full power output, but more powerful. Vera Bradley iPhone 5S case

Model s so awesome 4.2s km speed, total power of only 410hp. In contrast, 1/4 miles in a straight line in the Model s beating Corvette Stingray ( page). Which has almost 300kph 662hp horsepower and top speed (comparison Model s 200kph). You can imagine, regardless of the mileage question F1 speed drop is absolutely intolerable.

Engines ROAR

Of course, F1 engine ROAR has been as a major selling point in F1. Visited the scene certainly knows that in that kind of environment, outside the track also could hear the engines ROAR around the track inside basic language is called (or far away). Taking into account the equation of electric sound (can go to the above Web site to watch videos), this indeed has largely disappeared.

Hybrids are the future

Actually the top car, top civilian car try hybrid.

Introduction of KERS system such as F1 in 2009, the so-called Kinetic Energy Recycle System, kinetic energy recovery system. In the year prior to the system and principle of the Toyota Prius is the same. 2014 of the kinetic energy recovery system with a layer, kinetic energy is realized with Turbo heat the intervention and management, see (2014, new era of energy recovery).

While most of the 24 hours of Le Mans racing with hybrid system; of new super sports car the three Musketeers was seen as P1,LaFarrari and 918 is a hybrid.

This is due to the powerful torque of the motor during the starting phase decisions. In 2014, F1, 600hps of amazing horsepower gasoline engines, but can only offer around 300Nm of torque, compared with peak power of motor for 170hps, but with 375Nm of torque. This is a crucial issue for F1 racing out to speed up!

It can be said that while F1 has become all electric not reality, but a hybrid (hybrid here not to save oil, but in order to get the torque of the motor starting stage against Heaven) has become the ultimate sports car/formula required the track equipment.

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Nike new AR technology patents will be used for shoes and apparel design

Nike new AR technology patents will be used for shoes and apparel design

According to foreign media reports, Nike on July 5, won a patent for AR, patented the name as "design augmented reality system" (Augmented Reality design system). Patented the initial version focuses on using the AR System design, submitted in February 2014 United States Patent Office and in March 2015, was authorized, the patent of July 5, for the continuation of previously patented, extends the design to fashion design.

Patent summary description in the system allows the user to bring the top devices, overlay virtual images on an entity object, users use a pen-like controller design pattern. As shown in the picture are given in the patent. Gives users a device similar to the glass, drawing out the patterns of stars in the sneaker. OtterBox iPhone 6+ Case

Nike new AR technology patents will be used for shoes and apparel design

In terms of clothing design, users on AR, virtual image overlay on a model. Designers can design clothing on real people look into practical effect, it will be more conducive to adjustment of product details, create better designs. OtterBox iPhone 6 Plus Cases

Nike new AR technology patents will be used for shoes and apparel design

Now, Nike is unlikely to make your own AR hardware Giants competing with you, follow-up is likely to focus on software, and then seek cooperation with Microsoft HoloLens and Magic Leap or glass.

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Nike has always focused on combination products and new technology. 2006 worked with Apple to develop a tracking device, and running in the 2010 release GPS location tracking movement of the wrist band app;2012 year series Nike+ FuelBand;2015 year Nike and DreamWorks to develop 3D digital design system. Judging from the date of the patent application, as early as two years ago, Nike has begun in VR design layout.

Is not clear that the technology is designed as a Nike designer tools are also open for the average consumer. But Nike has worked to make the ordinary users to personalize their products: Nike town (Niketown) shops in an area specifically designed for consumers to open up and let people customize their shoes has previously been open to the public the NIKEiD Web site, consumers can design your own shoes online. And estimate the AR design system not only would Nike put your family's back garden.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Recent price Philips Hf3470 64 99

Philips Hf3470 is introduced by the Philips Wake up light, has a certain well-known abroad, domestic seems to be a wonderful thing. Its main mode of operation is to simulate the movements of the Sun intensity and rhythm, you fall asleep or wake up slowly. Uses 100W halogen light bulb, you can use the 4,000 hours, built-in LED screen can also display the time and function. Moschino iPad Air Case

Philips Hf3470 recent low price of $ 74.99, actually paid $ 64.99 after coupon, about RMB 400 Yuan, the price at 650 Yuan, Taobao shopping service at about 700. For 110V voltage needs to pay attention to the product, you need to use adapter.

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